Focus on Becoming Strong not Skinny with a Personal Trainer in Bondi Beach

When it comes to working out people – especially ladies – think more in terms of acquiring size zero clothes fit. This is the wrong approach.

Rather than going around looking like a beanpole your workouts should concentrate more on building strength. When you are physically strong your mental capabilities also improve and you will develop the right amount of determination and confidence to improve your lifestyle.

Also keep in mind that beauty is something that varies from one person to another so you should not let any warped perception influence your workout goals. If you need guidance on how to build strength rather than just dropping weight, you could use the services of Dangerously Fit Personal Training in Bondi Beach.


Why Focus on Gaining Strength Over Going Skinny

  • Being skinny if your body also has enough strength – is not a problem. Remember strength can come in different sizes. But if you focus on strength when working out you will enjoy better health and be able to better tackle life’s everyday activities
  • When your body develops a strength quotient you will automatically see a few additional curves – and definitely curves add to a more attractive appearance.
  • As against a skinny look, when you decide to instead build muscle, you do not need to keep fighting those hunger pangs. You can enjoy good healthy food, as the body requires the right amount of nutrients.
  • When it comes to clothes, your mantra should be ‘you wear the clothes’ not ‘your clothes wearing you’. The latter situation pushes you into a situation where you literally become a clothes hanger.
  • You have to ensure your body is not deprived of its quota of nutrients. Fat should be looked at as a source of energy to help with your fitness regimen.
  • When you go after a skinny look you are not respecting your body. Any Bondi Beach personal trainer will tell you that your body is a machine and you should treat it with respect, not continuously knock it just to appear ‘skinny’. You need to keep a close watch as to what extent you should go when working out.
  • It is important not to be just guided by society when it comes to physical appearance. It is your body and you need to create your own personalised standards.
  • A good physical appearance should also rely on watching the progress of your abdominal lines rather than nitpicking yourself to attain a skinny look. You need to burn calories, not just count them.
  • Working out is not just about dropping kilos and getting toned – that happens automatically when you take up strength training.


When you concentrate on strength rather than a skinny look, you will find that your everyday life becomes easier to cope with. Your body will be able to handle the daily grind without too taxing an effort. Your quest for strength should be a never-ending journey – there is no time- bar even with the onset of age. Strength will keep you healthy and help you to survive; more so as it applies to most daily activities in life. If you need help on this level as mentioned above you could always take advice from a Bondi Beach personal trainer.


Personal Trainer Course Shares Best Fitness Marketing Tips

Go the personal trainer way

Instead of putting your body through such rigorous discomfort by going in for a crash diet, think of hiring a personal trainer to help you to lose those unwanted kilos.  Personal trainers undergo fitness training qualifications including nutrition advise.  After studying your individual requirements the trainer will be in a position to draw up a fitness programme for you to follow.

The trainer will then supervise your regular workouts and make changes as and when required. He or she will also track your progress and ensure you do not attract any injury risk. As opposed to the disadvantages of a crash diet mentioned above a personal trainer could be in a position to recommend the right diet you should follow when working out.

If you don’t know where to look, you need to know that a good personal trainer will work on his SEO for gyms and personal trainers so that he can be found on the internet easily.

Often, people will call the first personal trainers they find on the first page of their search engine.

If he or she does not have the required knowledge a good nutritionist could be recommended. Definitely when working out you need to be more alert to your eating habits and look at pro-health foods such as lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc. But the said diet will be spread over time – not ‘crash’ – so the body adjusts and balances the same with the workouts.


Know now that losing weight by going on a crash diet can be the cause of unnecessary harm. The more sensible way to lose weight is to go in for work outs under the guidance of a personal trainer. Such professional guidance will involve gradual changing of your eating habits, ensuring your metabolism does not drop too fast.


Tips to Exercise Outdoors in the Rainy Season

If you have signed for outdoor group personal training through Linkedin, then you will need to rough it out, and exercise no matter how the weather is. Your personal trainer will ensure that you do not give up on exercising, citing weather as an excuse.  During rainy season, it is true that is very difficult to exercise. But if you follow certain tips, then it would be very easy for you to continue your outdoor group personal training classes.

Your instructor who has done his online fitness certification knows exactly how to deal with any weather condition when it comes to outdoor training.

online fitness certification

Now, in order to prepare yourself for the rains, there are certain things that you must invest in. They will come handy year after year, and so you must try to invest in the best quality products. You need to buy waterproof hats, to protect your head, waterproof shoes, to ensure that you don’t slip and injure yourself, waterproof jackets to protect your body as well as polypropylene sock. Besides this, women should buy polypropylene sports bra, which will help them feel comfortable while exercising in the rain. You could also consider investing in thermal tops which will keep you warm in the rains.

Remember that the layer of clothing, which you wear closest to your body, is the most important. It will keep you warm and dry. So before you start your outdoor group personal training, you should get changed into your waterproof gear. Polypropylene products, including socks and bras, are really effective in keeping sweat as well as rain water away from your skin.

Now, over your waterproof clothing, you need to wear fabrics, which allow you to breathe. These include comfortable loose tees, and well fitted leggings. Over them you can wear a water proof and wind proof jacket. When it comes to your feet, wear polypropylene socks along with the normal ones. Besides this, invest in good quality water proof shoes, which are lightweight. These can be a little expensive, so you could consider waterproofing your old shoes too. Before starting out on the outdoor group personal training classes, wear a hat with a bill, which will help you see better, and at the same time it will keep the water away from you.

Exercising during rainy season can be a little tricky, but you need to carry on maintaining your shape. So keep these things in mind while exercising, and you are good to go.