Tips to Exercise Outdoors in the Rainy Season

If you have signed for outdoor group personal training through Linkedin, then you will need to rough it out, and exercise no matter how the weather is. Your personal trainer will ensure that you do not give up on exercising, citing weather as an excuse.  During rainy season, it is true that is very difficult to exercise. But if you follow certain tips, then it would be very easy for you to continue your outdoor group personal training classes.

Your instructor who has done his online fitness certification knows exactly how to deal with any weather condition when it comes to outdoor training.

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Now, in order to prepare yourself for the rains, there are certain things that you must invest in. They will come handy year after year, and so you must try to invest in the best quality products. You need to buy waterproof hats, to protect your head, waterproof shoes, to ensure that you don’t slip and injure yourself, waterproof jackets to protect your body as well as polypropylene sock. Besides this, women should buy polypropylene sports bra, which will help them feel comfortable while exercising in the rain. You could also consider investing in thermal tops which will keep you warm in the rains.

Remember that the layer of clothing, which you wear closest to your body, is the most important. It will keep you warm and dry. So before you start your outdoor group personal training, you should get changed into your waterproof gear. Polypropylene products, including socks and bras, are really effective in keeping sweat as well as rain water away from your skin.

Now, over your waterproof clothing, you need to wear fabrics, which allow you to breathe. These include comfortable loose tees, and well fitted leggings. Over them you can wear a water proof and wind proof jacket. When it comes to your feet, wear polypropylene socks along with the normal ones. Besides this, invest in good quality water proof shoes, which are lightweight. These can be a little expensive, so you could consider waterproofing your old shoes too. Before starting out on the outdoor group personal training classes, wear a hat with a bill, which will help you see better, and at the same time it will keep the water away from you.

Exercising during rainy season can be a little tricky, but you need to carry on maintaining your shape. So keep these things in mind while exercising, and you are good to go.